Understand how LoanGuard® helps risk manager

Scale your sampling process without additional resources.

Get timely visibility into emerging risk.

Help credit decisioning via actionable insights.

Learn how LoanGuard® can help your RCU process

Verify authenticity of documents

Comprehensive system checks

Bank statement analysis

Extensive cross verification applicant attributes

Profile analysis sourcing trends

Product positioning statistics

Third party database checks as applicable

Integrate easily using api’s

How It Works


Applicants apply along with their documents.

Risk Determination

Applicant documents (including few details of the application form) are LoanGuarded to determine risk.

Profile Analysis

Risk alert is complemented with profile analysis.

LoanGuard Report

The LoanGuard report is then generated with detailed risk triggers found on the complete application

Processed Further

Underwriter is now equipped to evaluate the risk based on intelligence provided by LoanGuard and Application processed further


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